We made a commitment: Never Again.

Eli Holmes
2 min readFeb 25, 2022

And now the Washington Post is saying Putin’s invasion of Ukraine echoes Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. And we’re dolling out sanctions? Biden’s debating what cyber attack to pursue while Anonymous takes action?

Here’s our opportunity to put Never Again into action. The moment where we could prove that for once we have learned from history.

And the most action we’ve taken is economic sanctions?! Said a bunch of words on TV? Made some condemning statements? Does anyone think Putin really cares about this stuff?

Given the whole debacle at Chernobyl, a place no one should go near with weapons, I don’t think Putin gives a shit about economic sanctions. And trust, MY knowledge of world affairs is embarrassing so if I can figure this out why does Biden stand so proud as he ignores one of the greatest humanitarian crisises happening before his eyes?

The performative “ally ship” of so many countries should embarrass quite a few millions of people who have vowed to “never again” allow something akin to the Holocaust, yet here we are, with comparisons by almost every major news outlet.

We asked Ukraine to relinquish their nuclear weapons, they did, and we in turn stalled bringing them into NATO, like we all agreed to do. And now Ukraine is being devastated by Putin. And we’re just sitting back watching it all happen, anxious that our military may have to go over there when heck, I’m going to say it, they should already be there.

We made a commitment. When are we going to stop sitting back letting horrific atrocities happen?

If you’re feeling big emotions reading this and you want to know what you can do to get out government to put their big boy pants on — call your senator, call your rep, email them all, and tell folks we need to do more for Ukraine. Do it every day, do it till we do the right thing.