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Eli Holmes
3 min readJul 22, 2021


If you’re into boat weddings we got you covered. Now we’re not talking about tacky cruise ship weddings in the Caribbean, or mega CMB yachts in Turkey. Think more wooden sailboats that provide an intimate and unique wedding celebration.

If you’re looking for a really unique way to have an intimate wedding, and enjoy your special day, a charter on an open air deck sailboat is one of the best ways to make that happen. Wedding planning can be tough, and event spaces like the ones we’ve listed will make your wedding process a lot easier.

You totally don’t need to go to San Diego and rent luxury yachts or hit flagship cruises for epic weddings on the water. These smaller wedding and reception events are perfect excuses for yacht cruises through some of New England’s most iconic harbors.

Booking and Enjoying a Sailboat Wedding in New England

Look for yachts with licensed crews, and insurance — ones with good reviews, just like with any vendors. Some like the ones we’ve listed have wedding packages, while others don’t offer wedding packages but rather will offer event packages. Some yachts have full sound systems while others may not offer them — keep this in mind when booking your yacht, as you may need a sound system for a larger guest list.

While seasickness might be a concern, often in small harbors like Mystic, Newport, and Portsmouth, you won’t be rocking, and rolling all that often. I highly recommend wearing quite a bit of sunscreen, and making sure to drink plenty of water beforehand — the sun will be more impactful on the water, and you’ll need that extra water and sunscreen to recoup from a night of enjoying the yacht and the harbor.

Some yacht cruises will include dinner, while others may allow you to bring your own. Reach out to the boat wedding company for specifics around this. With a yacht wedding, I highly recommend an acoustic guitar or similar for entertainment throughout the cruise — often companies will have vendors like this that they can recommend.

The Best New England Boat Wedding Venues

Although we have three listed there’s many more in New England. Some private charters offer multi-night cruises through New England destinations. If you’re looking for something more unique choosing a multi-night cruise is definitely a perfect way to celebrate your wedding day.

Gundalow Company

In Portsmouth NH, you’ll find Gundalow Company off the Piscataqua River. Perfect for small wedding events in Portsmouth Harbor, or rehearsal dinner wedding events, enjoy a cruise on the boat with some of the most epic views.

Bareboat Sailing Charters

Perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony in Newport Harbor, take off with Bareboat Sailing Charters for the evening and see sunset from beautiful wooden sailboats.

Argia Private Charter

Down in Mystic Seaport is Argia Private Charter. A perfect way to celebrate you big day or any of life’s special events, sail around Mystic harbor on any of their beautiful sailboats. A Mystic yacht, getting out on the water will be a special way to celebrate your wedding day.

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