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Eli Holmes
5 min readJul 23, 2021

Let’s chat all things family photo session locations on Block Island. We’ve given the down and dirty on where to have your beach ceremonies, and those are all perfect options for your family session — so we aren’t going to talk too much about beach locations this time. As both a wedding photographer and a family photographer on Block Island RI we know all the best kid-friendly locations for your family session.

Whether you’re doing photo, video sessions for your family having a family heirloom like annual photos and video on Block Island are invaluable. Like your wedding photos, these are part of your family legacy and should be treasured. Just like on your wedding day, we’ll check the weather throughout the day gearing up for your family session, and make sure you have the best environment possible.

Iconic Block Island Photographer: Southeast Lighthouse

An iconic location for family photos it’s been a challenge to come here the past few years. With lots of construction and tourists, it can be a little tough to get clean shots on the lawn. It takes a little maneuvering, and solid timing to get those classic, timeless images.

Abrams Farm: Gain a Few Furry Family Members

Hang out with the animals for your family session! This is one of our favorite in-town location for kiddos who hate taking pictures. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to get to meet the camels and kangaroos quite intimately.

National Wildlife Refuge: North Lighthouse

If you head out at the North Lighthouse, you’ll find tons of open spaces for your family photos. Set up a picnic or play football for your family session. It’s a great spot for a midweek sunrise or sunset session.

At the Spring House Hotel, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to use than just the front lawn. In the back and down in the front off to the right of the main hotel you’ll find gardens that are a perfect backdrop to balance the ocean views from any of the main lawn areas. A great spot for multi generations, there’s no need to hike, or worry about little kids that need a bathroom suddenly.

If you’re more game to get out in nature, so are we. Whether you want to go all the way and hike down to the beach at Painted Rock just before Black Rock or just hop out of the car at Enchanted Forest, we’re in!

Hodge Preserve & Block Island Photographer

Known as a great spot to break during bike rides up and down Corn Neck, Hodge Preserve is a leisurely walk to the south end of Sachem Pond. With sweeping views of the North Light and north conservancy lands, it’s a beautiful spot for sunset photos.

Enchanted Forest

Great for just hopping out of the car for a small session, Enchanted Forest is great for a windy day, or when it’s just a tad too hot. A great spot for littles, as you’re a little protected from the road, I often love going with larger, young families.

Clayhead Trails

More for the adventurous family, this is such a great spot for an extended family session. We’ll hike through the trails pausing to enjoy some of the greenery. This is also where you’ll find the daffodil fields in spring.

Black Rock

Instead of heading to Mohegan Bluffs, which is often super crowded during the summer months, we’re big fans of Black Rock and the beach at Painted Rock. Both are a little more secluded, and offer very similar views — just no 200+ stairs!

Fresh Pond

If you’re looking for a spot with tons of greenery, Fresh Pond is a favorite! With overwhelming views of Fresh Pond and through the central portion of the island, it’s a great spot for someone wanting to escape from the tourists and the heat. It’s usually a tad cooler than the beach, and often tourist-free!

Popular Beach Spot: Block Island Beach House

One of our most popular spots, the Block Island Beach House beach is perfect for a quick family session in town. A great beach for early mornings or late afternoons, there’s also the hill in the back of the property, and the path going up to the parking lot — all three locations make for iconic Block Island family photos.

If you’re more of the boating type let’s take photos in the marina! Why not right? We can use the marina to capture some family memories, and then head down to the beach and use some of the rock walls on the property for some more iconic family photos. As a Block Island photographer, we’re always looking for something that really matches a family — for boaters this is it!

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